MPD-Modern Process Data Collection System

Pouch Line process collection allows for true process tracking and validation for food and medical packaging. The Modern windows based system allow process data collection for all pertinent process features within the pouching Line. With our graphical display, and our CSV file capture you will be able to validate and log your processes thru out any of your product runs. So many customers in the food processing and medical industries are requiring process validation. With the advancements made by Modern this is all available at your finger tips.

System can be installed on any Modern Manufacturing pouch making line
Process collection points:

  • Film bed tensions
  • Sealing Dwell Times
  • Temperature Set points VS Actual
  • Sealing force
  • Alarm logging
  • Event logging

Process settings can be monitored and collected with every machine cycle or every 1000th machine cycle or anywhere in between.

Built-In Features

  • Job related specific entries
  • Graphic display viewing
  • USB adaptors for extracting info or connecting to your server
  • CSV file data recording and documentation
  • Operator and supervisor level passwords